Thursday, February 18, 2016

Basic Conditioning for Tennis

This is a short workout program for those who want to get the most bang out of their buck.
The good news its free. That right, you now have a fitness program that will get you ripped for tennis.
The only thing this will cost is your time and effort. As a tennis conditioning coach I know there are many different training regimes out there that you could do. But I want you to start with something easy, and form their you can build. As a tennis player you must be fast, have strong legs, and a shoulders, arms, and carry as little weight as possible. Keep that in mind when you work out. It's different than many other sports. Its mostly anaerobic, quick bursts of energy, followed by short recovery periods. At the highest level, its extremely punishing. It truly is an extreme sport, if your in it to win it.

Here's what I would recommend, copy these links into your browser, and listen to these people. They have the form! That's what you want.

1. Push-ups: They are a great all body workout.

2. Squats: Different kinds of squats will make your mid to lower body killer strong.

3. Roman Dead Lift: "Single Leg"  Great for hamstrings, balance, and strength.

That's it!
Keep it simple. And do them right. Better to have the right form, than incorrectly do the movement for more reps. It's totally the quality of the movement, first!
You use your own body weight here. You don't need a gym membership to get strong as hell. You need desire. Just like when you want to win a match, it takes huge desire. In fact, its the same principle for success in life. Without desire and willpower you will get very little out of anything.

You won't need luck!

Kevin Pease

Falmouth * Woods Hole * Plymouth