Sunday, November 13, 2016

Singles Approach Shot

When do you come to the net in singles? I've seen professional matches with little net action.
In today's game there are times where you have to go in. Here are some tips for the club player.

1. Defensive Approach:your opponent is scrambling for a corner shot or retreating. Sensing their defensive position, you capitalize, charge the net and finish the point, taking the ball above the net.

2. Short Ball Approach: you decide to rush the net based upon your forward movement into the court, and the depth of the ball. Its best to hit the ball that most challenges your opponent, be it down the middle to reduce angles of pass, to the weaker side, or up the line. typically it is difficult to cover cross court approaches, due to the speed and accuracy of passing shots. Even down the line can be tough, if you opponent possesses a great cross court angle, with spin. A fast opponent with control can be a sticky wicket for sure.

3. Serve and Volley Approach: If you can move your serve around, with pace and spins, it can force weaker returns, that can be volleyed, above the net preferably. This quick pressure can force the opponent to make unforced errors, and destroy their rally timing. You don't see it much these days, but I believe there's still a market for it. You have to make sure you practice this style as you would your forehand and backhand. The more you do it, the better you get.

4. Return and Volley Approach: This is can be extremely effective, just as the serve and volley. You take the ball inside the baseline and charge the net. Some players use the "chip and charge," hitting a slice or backspin approach. A drive approach can also be used. The problem is that once you've decided to do it, you are committed, and there's no turning back. It's a difficult play against a hard server as there is little time to measure your shot.


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