Sunday, March 5, 2017

Seven Insights For Tennis

This is a 13 insights series that helps you visualize on the court that help you navigate the
game of tennis. Many times we get stuck on the how to and lose sight of the the bigger picture of the court and the game itself. I'll edit and add to each insight over time. Here is the list:

1. Visualizing the shot before you hit the ball.
2. Tracking your shot.
3. Squaring the court, ignition launch.
4. Volley balance and priorities
5. Creating Space on the court. the ball and from your opponent.
6. Serve realities.
7. Strength's management and weakness exploitation
8. Practice disciplines
9. Conditioning routines
10. Calendar Management
11. Tennis Diet
12. Destinations
13. Your Club's Program

Visualize the shot before you strike.............

Think in terms of the flight of your shot, the shape, spin, depth, and effect after it hits the court. When you are doing this you are hitting with a purpose. Choosing your shots carefully and based upon your goals is what's most important. If you tend to think just over the net, that's what you'll tend to get. If you think of a heavy ball, with spin and depth, you are more likely to get that. You also tend to think about what your doing, instead of how to do it. When you drive a car, you don't think about every detail, about how to drive, you do it automatically, but when conditions change, you make decisions, and visualized desired outcomes. You have a goal as to where you are going, and a road visualization.
You get there.

Pro's think in terms of shapes of the ball, spin and depth. They hit with a purpose. That is how you must think as well. By knowing what to do, gives you incentive to create your shot and execute it.Here are some examples of visualization:

1. You visualize loading and jumping up into your serve and hitting flat to the corner of the service box. You visualize your opponent going out wide to make the return. Anticipating his/her responses, youve, preplanned your response, to any of those possibilities, and visualize the shot shape on that ball. That's a lot. But its there. If not conscious, it's unconscious. Your reply is natural and automatic.
You can see the spin of your shot and the depth.

to be continued....................

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